Sustainability for People

At Besni Tekstil A.Ş., we care about the health and happiness of not only our employees but also the people of the world. With the sustainability principles we adopt in our production processes, we aim to create a more livable world for future generations. Through our social responsibility projects and initiatives that contribute to society, we strive to make a global impact. We are committed to building a better future for everyone, acting with respect for nature and humanity.

Sustainability for the Environment

Green Energy and Recycling: In our production processes, we use green energy and minimize our environmental impact with recycled materials. We meet our energy needs using solar energy systems (GES) and natural gas sources.
Carbon Footprint Measurement: We regularly measure our carbon footprint, fulfilling our environmental responsibilities and taking necessary steps to achieve our sustainability goals.

Sustainability for the Future

At Besni Tekstil A.Ş., we look to the future with hope through our sustainability vision. We act with the responsibility of leaving a more livable world for children and young people. By developing innovative and eco-friendly products, we aim to achieve our long-term environmental goals and contribute to the world. With our respect for nature and humanity, we work to leave a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment for future generations. We strive to ensure that our children and young people have a better future.