Our Yarn Production Process

At Besni Tekstil A.Ş., we produce our yarns from recycled fibers, maintaining respect for nature and humanity at every stage. In our production facility, where advanced technology and innovation meet, each yarn is born as a masterpiece carrying the values of the past into the future. Here are the summary steps of this process:

1. Waste Collection and Classification
Cut fabric pieces and similar textile wastes left from industrial production processes are collected. These wastes are carefully classified according to their types and colors, ensuring that each material is used in the most efficient way.
2.Cleaning and Shoddy (Separation)
The collected textile wastes are meticulously cleaned and freed from foreign materials. Through the shoddy process, these wastes are turned into fibers, becoming the raw material needed for new yarns. Each fiber is meticulously separated, paying our debt to nature.
3.Fiber Processing
The textile wastes turned into fibers are broken down into smaller pieces and cut to the desired length. At this stage, the quality and homogeneity of each piece are ensured, leading to excellent results in the subsequent stages of production.
4.Blending and Mixing
Different types of fibers are mixed in specific proportions and homogenized. This blend is prepared to give life to the yarns of the future. The harmonious mixing of fibers is one of the most artistic steps in our production process.
5. Yarn Production
The blended fibers are turned into yarn using our open end yarn production machines with high-speed rotors. These machines work at the pinnacle of technology and innovation, turning each fiber into strong and durable yarns. The yarns are then twisted to strengthen them and wound onto bobbins, ready for production.
6.Quality Control
The produced yarns undergo stringent quality control tests. Criteria such as strength, elasticity, and color fastness are meticulously examined. Our quality control process ensures that each yarn meets the highest standards and the suitable products are certified.
7.Packaging and Shipping
Finally, the yarns that pass the quality control tests are carefully packaged and prepared for shipment. To provide the best service to our customers, we deliver each product safely and securely.